I also have certain todos that I need to learn:

  • Recently I have been working with image processing for some tasks, I will update it soon as a dedicated blog. It will be a opencv image processing related blog.
  • Dedicated blogs for Desgin Patterns by GOF, if you never heard of them, you should definitely check them out, if you just started as a developer like me.
  • Well, after image processing my goal would be to learn Computer Vision And Deep Learning, there are some projects I’ve in my mind which I will share soon.
  • And System Design would definitely be in this list.

Todo List

Here are the references I’m currently using to learn the above topics:

1) For Image Processing, a book called Digital Image Processing by Gonzalez And Woods, which seems to be a very good book for beginner and pros alike.

2) And For Design Patterns, what better book than the book by GOF themselves.

Also Head First For Design Patterns is also a good reference with a lot of examples.